Action in Distress (AID) Foundation

"Towards the Resoration of Human Dignity"  



Action in Distress (AID) Foundation has a Board of Trustees made up of the following distinguished professionals in various fields of human endeavour.

a.    Prof. Victor Wakwe

b.     Josephine Nkiru-edna Alumanah, Ph.D

       Executive Director, Aid in Distress Foundation,

       Senior Lecturer/Health Sociologist,

       Department of Sociology/Anthropology,

       University of Nigeria, Nsukka

c.     Mrs. Florence Igweze

d.     Mr. Augustine Onu

e.     Engr. Emmanuel Ande Ivorgba, Msc.D

f.     Veronica Okeke, Ph.D

g.     Mr. Vincent Wakwe

h.    Mrs. Patricia Abam