Action in Distress (AID) Foundation

"Towards the Resoration of Human Dignity"  

Our Programs                       

a.    Youth Empowerment Alternative: The Youth Empowerment Alternative is an entrepreneurial project designed to equip young boys and girls with skills, work ethic, experience and self-confidence needed to become financially independent, successful, empowered young entrepreneurs. The project provides a safe platform for young people to speak freely and learn about their personal power and potential. The project helps young people to recognize the significance of using their voices and energies positively to advocate for their rights.

b.    Reproductive Health Education Program: Our Reproductive Health Education Program is committed to serving the reproductive health needs of women and young people in Nigeria in order to help prevent or minimize unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. This is accomplished through collaboration and partnership with health institutions, community agencies and health professionals, referrals, Behavior Change Communication, and Peer Education, etc