Action in Distress (AID) Foundation

"Towards the Resoration of Human Dignity"  

About Us
Action in Distress (AID) Foundation is a Nigeria-based independent, non-governmental, nonprofit Organization. We are officially registered with the Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission with Certificate Number RC673771. Inspired by Fr. Joseph Wresinski of the International ATD Fourth World Movement and Mother Teresa of Calcutta and founded in 2006, the Organization was formally “Friends of the Fourth World”.  We are committed to serving the world’s poorest, particularly women and young people. 

Our Vision

A World in which everyone’s voice, including the vulnerable, is heard and respected. We are committed to offering safe, respectful space for young people and vulnerable women to recognize their goals, dreams and desires and live by their highest potentials. As we empower women and young people, we strengthen families and transform communities.

Our Mission

Action in Distress (AID) Foundation is a Nigeria-based nonprofit that was founded in 2006 to meet the critical needs of women and young people in Nigeria. We are dedicated to creating comprehensive long-term solutions that provide our target audience with real opportunities for genuine personal development and credible alternatives to violence, crime and delinquency while seeking to address the underlying conditions conducive to self-destructive life styles. Action in Distress (AID) Foundation seeks to establish partnerships and alliances to promote the rights of individuals, families, groups and communities. Our primary targets are women and Young people.

Our Values

Our programs and activities are guided by the following values and principles:

  1. Investment in people and humanity
  2. Service and Community
  3. Honoring individual gifts and the common spirit that connects us all
  4. Partnership and Collaboration
  5. Honesty and Transparency
  6. Respect for freedom and human dignity
  7. Embracing change
  8. Cultivating altruistic motivation